Full detailed report of all Assets serviced

Run a completion report on all your serviced life safety and security equipment. Filter by  type, service date or replacement due date.

Listing of all assets not serviced

When completing a service, easily locate all your assets you have missed and where they are.

Full report sent to customer

Upon completion of the job have a full PDF report/certificate emailed to the customer and/or you.

Ease of location to find extinguishers on site

Report out on where extinguishers are on a site.

Time saving on site

Reduce writing detail down on paper sheets, select from pre-defined drop downs and remove the errors with spelling mistakes.

Forecasting of equipment when need to be tested

Run monthly, quarterly or yearly reports of what you have due to be replaced in the upcoming period.

Reduces site re-visits

Removes missed extinguishers on standard services or on call outs with unfamiliar engineers to site.

Improves compliance

Log the exact time and location when and where you serviced the assets, along with a photo of the device in situ. You can also log when they have been moved by the client.

Centralised database of all assets

Whether you look after 1 site, or hundreds of sites you can report out from 1 central location, including monitoring completion of services.

Removes paperwork

Everything completed is run from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. No more paper sheets.

Gives office accurate details

All data collected and completed is from predefined dropdown lists and cannot be misread.

Saves money

All the activities including collecting and completing tasks is Realtime and no duplication. An estimated saving of £5,000 per engineer per. year

Compliance with BS 5306

Outputted certificate and associated data enables complete compliance with British Standard 5306.

Compatible on all devices

The app is compatible on Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Android, Apple and Microsoft devices.


All jobs prepped, ready for scheduling. Reducing the need or workload of the admin team.


Detailed reports available on all aspects, including profitability and efficiency reporting.